Thunbergia natalensis


Thunbergia natalensis
Common name:  Natal Bluebell; Zulu name: unohlonishwayo

The shady edges of natural forests, show off the delicate blue flowers of the Thunbergia natalensis in bloom at the moment, perfectly.  In your garden it is best to choose a shady area to grow this small, fast growing shrub too.  The ovate, toothed leaves are bright green and look lovely even before it begins to flower. As it is dormant in winter, with stems often dying back, it is useful in water wise gardens. Apparently, the stems are nibbled by the long tailed tree mouse.

Thunbergia flowers throughout summer. The flowers are quite large and pale blue to mauve in colour with a yellowish centre. The seeds are scattered when the hairy seed capsule explodes, so you get new plants every year.

According to Anne Hutchings book, Zulu Medicinal Plants, root infusions are taken as emetics by brides on their wedding day to ensure a happy marriage.

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