Brunsvigia undulata

Brunsvegia undulata
Common name: Ruby Brunsvegia

Brunsvegia is a member of the Amaryllis family.  The large flowers are borne on stalks creating a big round inflorescence that is visible from quite a distance – usually standing above the surrounding grass. Brunsvegia undulata, which flowers in January and February, has dark red flowers with stamens that curve down and tip up at the ends. There can be up to 80 flowers (each approximately 700mm across) on the inflorescence held aloft on a strong stem, making it pretty spectacular. 

The blue green leaves are distinct from other members of the family in that they have wavy margins, visible veins and stand erect. The large bulb of other species in the family has many cultural and medicinal uses, so it is likely that B. undulata does too.  Usually found near rocks in grassland.

Its status on the Red List of South African Plants is Rare.  This is probably due to habitat destruction through agriculture and housing developments.  If you have seen this plant, please contact CREW – Custodians of Rare and Endangered Wildflowers - Suvarna Parbhoo at

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