Sutera floribunda

Sutera floribunda
Afrikaans name: Kerriebos, Zulu name: usikisiki lwehlathi, Sotho name: boluma

This aromatic herb keeps on flowering even as the grasslands turn golden and brown.  Sutera floribunda stands taller than most of the grasses now (up to 1m) and occurs in colonies, so is really easy to spot all the way from the Eastern Cape up to Zimbabwe. 

The flowers are white with pollen yellow centres. While each flower is only about 12mm in diameter, the abundance of blooms in the inflorescence make quite a show – as the name floribunda suggests.  The leaves are toothed and the stems hairy.  

In traditional medicine, pounded leaf infusions are used to relieve menstrual pains and root decoctions used to treat chest colds.

Bees are frequent visitors and, as it grows easily from cuttings, Sutera would make a nice addition to your wildlife garden.

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