Tritonia lineata
Common name: Pencilled Tritonia; Zulu name: isidwi esimpofu; Afrikaans name: Bergkatjietee; Sotho name: khahla-e-nye-nyane

While most of the 27 South African species of Tritonia are found in the Southern Cape, this little beauty has been flowering profusely along Midlands’ roadsides this spring.  Up to 12 flowers occur on a single inflorescence, which is held above the leaves. Dainty pale yellow or apricot coloured, funnel shaped blooms are etched with dark veins.  It is really pretty if you get up close. In traditional medicine, crushed corms were administered to babies with stomach ailments and powdered burnt corms used to heal the navels of new born babies.

The other Tritonia (T. disticha) that occurs in the Midlands, is red and flowers later during the summer – keep an eye out for it too.

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