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Living Local

The concept of local action is important in the goal of sustainable living. Local action can be expected to produce social, economic and environmental benefits. These may include:

  • Community development and capacity building
  • Personal development
  • Awareness of habitats and wildlife
  • Waste minimisation
  • Travel awareness
  • Energy use and reduction
  • Reduction of pollution
  • Developing and promoting environmentally friendly ways of working or providing goods.

The recent Dargle Conservancy information evenings, where interesting movies dealing with the topics of climate change, peak oil and transition to sustainability, marked the start of a programme to promote local action in an active manner in the months ahead.

In the Dargle there are plenty of folk who are perfectly happy to do without eggs for a few weeks while hens follow their natural Spring cycle and sit around broodily all day hoping to hatch their eggs. Others will wait patiently for Piccolo the cow to finish weaning her new calf Cello, forgoing the extra milk which would be just perfect for making yoghurt. Gathering wild Spring greens in the fields is an activity eagerly anticipated for much of the Winter. This is really what slow food is all about; not making unreasonable demands, taking only what is needed and being mindful of the entire process.

We recognise that it is necessary to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and the industrial food chain and many residents are committed to living as locally as possible. We plan to respond proactively to peak oil and climate change, and begin to build a better, carbon-free and more sustainable future for our community.

We are fortunate that our valley is home to many small producers of vegetables, trout, chicken, honey, cheese, herbs, pork, milk and eggs. Most homesteads have a food garden to supply their kitchens and share the surplus with neighbours. Local restaurants are committed to supporting local producers and serving seasonal, organic food as much as possible - food that satisfies your taste buds and your conscience.

Dargle food producers are listed on our blogsite Dargle Local Living. Click here to read stories of local food heroes and find suppliers of pickles, plums, pork and proteas.

In the meantime if you wish to know more about the transition movement in other parts of the world we would recommend that you visit the Homepage of the Transition Network.org

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