Wildlife Sightings


Dargle wildlife is wonderful.  Many residents are keen butterfly and bird watchers, tree spotters and flower enthusiasts, and are delighted to share the splendour of their surroundings with others. 

Every month, members record the species they have observed and contribute to the Dargle Wildlife Sightings list which is shared widely. It is interesting to note the many common sightings across boundaries, which reinforces the fact that the wildlife does not belong to anyone, or any one property.

This record is likely to be valuable in monitoring biodiversity adaptations to climate change. 

Please send details of your Wildlife Sighting to wildlife@dargleconservancy.org.za

Stories, pictures, and comments, which our members send to us each month, are published mostly as received by us, and with minimal editing on our part. We cannot guarantee the correctness of any information contained in reported sightings, nor do they necessarily reflect our views or opinions.