Dargle Primary School children learn about the Conservancy


The Dargle Conservancy supports the Midlands Meander Education Project (MMEP). We believe that it is more effective to leave education programmes to the experts, rather than 'reinventing the wheel' and trying to implement our own in the two local schools.

Dargle Conservancy supports schools in the area including Dargle Primary, Corrie Lynn Primary and Lion’s River Primary – all registered in the WESSA Eco-Schools Programme. A number of schools in the nearby Impendle Eco-Schools node also enjoy Conservancy support.

The MMEP vision is to help Midlands' schools nurture capable, confident, curious children who are sensitive to environmental issues, who have the resilience to cope with a changing world and are able to contribute positively to their communities. They aim to increase awareness of the importance of caring for the natural environment among all sectors of the community in the Midlands Meander area.

Focusing on rural school development and assisting teachers to integrate environmental education into the teaching curriculum, with emphasis on wise resource use, creativity, sustainable living and community building. The main focus is on creative co-teaching. Facilitators bring enthusiasm and a new dimension to learning which we believe has a positive impact on the development of the 4000 learners attending schools which currently participate in the programme.

The MMEP was honoured with a Mail & Guardian "Greening the Future" Award in 2010.

Learn about some of the Dargle educational activities here:

For more information on the MMEP visit www.mmep.co.za. or e-mail admin@mmep.co.za

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