About Us

The MISSION of the Dargle Conservancy is to actively conserve the natural beauty and biodiversity of the Dargle area for the benefit of present and future generations, by stimulating interest and awareness of conservation issues within the community as a whole, through education and community involvement.

Our VISION is to strengthen our effectiveness as an independent organisation, and in coalition with other like-minded people and bodies, to work proactively to achieve a greater Midlands area that is wisely managed by all to ensure long term environmental sustainability.

The primary objective of the Conservancy is to promote the conservation of the total environment of the Conservancy area through sound management principles, so as to maintain and promote its rural character, both intrinsically and visually, as well as maintaining maximum natural biodiversity.

Ancillary objectives of the Conservancy are:

  1. To generate interest and active participation by landowners, residents and other interested parties in sound environmental values, sustainable lifestyles, the conservation of indigenous fauna and flora and the protection of the environment in the area.
  2. The monitoring of proposed physical development in the area, and if deemed necessary, to object and oppose any proposed development that would not be in keeping with the primary objective.
  3. The protection, regulation and improvement of the environment.
  4. To promote general improved security awareness within the Conservancy.
  5. To promote and encourage public awareness of the problems, concerns and achievements of the conservancy.
  6. To promote interest and participation in environmental education.

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Dargle Conservancy is a registered non-profit organisation reg no. 054-508 NPO

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