Inhlosane range with Inhlosane peak at right

Inhlosane range with Inhlosane peak at right


The Dargle valley stretches out beneath Inhlosane, an iconic hill visible from just about anywhere in the Midlands.  At 1976 metres above sea level, it is one of the highest peaks before the Drakensberg – which can be clearly seen from the top.

The shape of the hill, viewed from the east, inspired its name which means the ‘developing breast of a young girl’. During the Bambatha Rebellion, Inhlosane was the furthest point that Bambatha’s men came – their cries from the top of the peak chilling the blood of the pioneer settlers in the valley.   In 1945 a big fire was lit on the peak of Inhlosane to celebrate the end of World War 2.

view from Inhlosane

Hiking up Inhlosane is a popular pastime for both locals and visitors.  The last part of the 2,2km ascent to the ridge is very steep through large dolerite boulders.  Grassland flowers are splendid during summer, including swathes of pink Watsonia and blue Wahlenbergia.  Near the top of the ridge, Ericas and Senecio macrocephalus thrive.  Baboons and red rabbits are often seen on the slopes and Jackal buzzard swoop below.  

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